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Turn “On-Hold” Silence into Marketing Gold–Pt. 2

In part one of this two-part blog I told you a little about the extensive (and affordable!) "music-on-hold" equipment options available to businesses of all sizes. In part two, let's cover a few important basics about crafting your own custom "on-hold" message....

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Turn “On-Hold” Silence into Marketing Gold–Pt. 1

An often overlooked opportunity to promote your business is sitting right in front of you on your desk. It’s your telephone. I’m not talking about how you use your phone to reach or greet your customers, but rather how you use it to market to potential customers who...

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Review Your Online Marketing Effectiveness

The best way to find out what type of online marketing works best for you is to do some testing of your current marketing efforts. The goal is to identify the methods you’re using now, rate their effectiveness, and based on what you discover, consider new combinations...

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Thoroughly Map Your Mind!

I’ve used the tools I’m about to share with you to help organizations in many different industries around the world achieve amazing improvements in their marketing results. You may be familiar with some of these techniques, but after reading this blog, I hope you’ll...

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