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The PCG team is happy that your project is moving forward!

We hope that you are happy with the Design Concept for your website.  This Design Mock was created to get your input concerning the “look-and-feel” of the website.  We do ask that you trust our years of web design experience to best balance the needs of clear navigation, reasonable speeds and online branding.

Please fill out the form below and check the approval box to approve your website design.  This will allow us to move to the next step, the development phase.

Your submission of this form verifies that you are “signing off” on the design mock and overall “look-and-feel” of your website.  This sign-off also indicates you understand that future design edits to the master design may incur additional fees, this includes changes to the logo, colors, fonts and other design elements.  (Please note:  In the content phase, we chose the blueprint for your new house including closets, bathrooms, foundation, etc.  Now we’ve chosen the paint,  flooring & fixtures.)

Once you’ve submitted approval, we will then create and develop all of the pages for your website using your approved content and design.  In your next review, you will be able to see how all of the pieces come together in a fully-developed website!

Simply fill out this form – it will be emailed to the PCG Team and we will move forward into the Development Phase.

If you have any questions or problems with this form, call us at 316.942.1111.

Thank you!

This form is used to obtain client approval on their new website design.

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