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A lot of things can go wrong with your website’s performance. When it fails it is rarely something you did, but something you didn’t do. Websites, especially WordPress Websites, require a vigilant watch and frequent maintenance. The internet is ever-changing. Browsers evolve, there are WordPress and plug-in updates, new cyber security threats to monitor, and so much more to lose sleep over. If you don’t stay on top of it all, your site’s performance and user experience will suffer… or worse, your website will crash. We can help keep your website constantly up to date, running smoothly and securely.

You Work Hard to Keep Your Business Running
Let Us Keep Your Website Running Properly

Quick Fixes

Adjustments & Quick Fixes

Want to update your content? Got a new picture to add? Maybe you just created a new product for your online store. Let our crew take care of the these updates for you.

Regular Backups

Regular Website Backups

Hosting server hardware can fail and become corrupted, causing loss of data and your website integrity. Our expert team is happy to help keep your site safe and secure.

WordPress Security

WordPress Security

You need someone to take a proactive approach to ensure your site is protected against potential threats. Our WordPress security solutions and expert team will do that for you.

247 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

We provide 24/7 automated monitoring that sends alerts to address performance, network, security or application issues. This is essential to help protect your brand online and avoid loss of leads and sales. Let us do it for you.

Website Maintenance

Website Updates & Maintenance

It’s so crucial that WordPress and your third-party plugins are kept up-to-date. This one task can improve site speed, prevent security risks, and increase site up-time.

Expert Support

Priority Expert Support

Prime Concepts Group is a US-based expert website crew that’s ready to handle all of your technical needs. Just submit a ticket, and we’ll handle the heavy lifting for you!

Find the plan that's right for your business

Site Backup

Wordpress Core Update

Monthly Plugin Update

Detailed Monthly Report


Support Response Time

Update Request Limit

Security Monitoring and Scanning

SEO Report

Test all Forms

Performance Optimization

Disaster Recovery Discount

Malware Removal through Client Paid 3rd Party Tool

E-Commerce Testing


Starting at $328/mo Get 2 months free with annual pre-pay

Email Support

72-Hour Reponse

1 hr/month Site Update Requests (Content*/Layout)

*Client-provided content


Starting at $1660/mo Get 2 months free with annual pre-pay

24-Hour Reponse

4 hr/month Site Update Requests (Content*/Layout)

*Client-provided content

Security Monitoring and Scanning + Cleanup


Let’s work together to create a plan that’s perfect for you and your business!















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