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Getting a fitness website into better shape 

Project Description

Bodhi Body is a Pilates studio in Wichita, Kansas, that helps people improve how they move. The studio needed help improving its website that was several years old. It was in need of a refresh and refining for better user experience and functionality. 

Scope of Work


Digital Marketing 

Website Design 

Website Development

Bodhi Body Website


  • Improved the look and feel of the website by giving Bodhi Body a cohesive brand style 

  • Enhanced the usability and user experience by providing information on what Pilates is and how they can learn more 

  • Made the customer journey easy to navigate by making offering clear to visitors 

  • Developed a user-friendly backend on WordPress so that the client could make edits on their own 

Bodhi Body Mobile

WEBSITE Design and Development

The site looks and feels better today because it is alive with people and activities to make it feel more personable. Action photographs added energy to the site and visual inspiration to visitors so they can see what Pilates looks like. 

The site has a core that it is simpler to navigate for anyone to use. Fewer features and pages make it easier to focus on the benefits of Pilates and taking her classes.  We added strong calls to actions and funnels for potential members and to create conversions. 

Bodhi Home

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