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Making a hitmaker’s brand rock

Project Description

Jay McGowan is a music producer and motivational speaker. He had smash hits in the 1990s, including “Whoot There It Is”, “Tootsee Roll”, and “Space Jam”. Today he moves people with his motivational skills, offering services as a consultant, coach and speaker. Jay came to us looking for a way to billboard his business.

Scope of Work

  • Brand Messaging
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development
Global Entertrainment Responsive Mockup


  • We designed a website for Jay with as much appeal and energy as he has.
  • The copy tells his story and compels prospects to hire him for training sessions and speaking events.
  • The visuals are vibrant, reflecting his brand as a lively speaker and thinker.
  • The photos and graphics provide social proof of his success, lending him credibility, and the calls to action throughout the site create urgency and capture leads.
Jay Mcgowan Pages

Branding And Website Development

People didn’t know Jay, only his music. Now the world can see what he has to offer as a speaker and why they should book him.
Jay’s website is now a hub that leads targeted leads to him through SEO content and other strategies that drive traffic.

Global Entertrainment Site Mockups
Global Entertrainment Mobile Mockup

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