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Randy Gage

A Visually Rich Website for a Prosperity Leader

Project Description

Randy Gage believes that everyone can become rich. The motivational speaker and best-selling author is big on prosperity and transformation. When he was ready to transform his website, he came to us.

Scope of Work

  • Website Development
  • Copywriting
  • eCommerce Solutions
Randy Gage Mockup
Randy Gage Mockup


Randy is an established brand and a big name on the speaker circuit. We tapped into his energy to inform the look and feel of his new site.

We curated and sharpened Randy’s existing copy, paring it down to the most important points and putting them in the right places to funnel visitors through.

Randy has a number of products for sale on his site, including books and courses, and we helped him with eCommerce solutions, such as adding WooCommerce.

Website Development

Randy is a longtime client and this not our first (or last) website designed for him. But it stands out from the rest for itcutting-edge look and effectiveness. It is all business but looks great doing it. And it is a better revenue generator than before with the addition of new shopping solutions and lead magnets. 

Randy Gage Mockup

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