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8 ways Roller Derby is like Web Development

As a web developer sitting at the computer all day, I was searching for a way to achieve mental and physical balance. The second I was exposed to roller derby, I knew this was a great way to get physically active, meet people, and build up a new skill set. I was surprised to find that there are quite a few similarities between roller derby and web development.

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1. Optimize the SEO and juke the pivot!

Lingo and language are very important for communicating. There are many terms to learn and become familiar with if you intend on merging in with the nerds of web development or the dynamics of the roller girls.

2. You must skate before you can bout!

Learn, practice, train, practice, break, and practice. As a web developer you start out with some html, using trial and error you learn what works and what doesn’t. Advanced techniques can then be applied using php, javascript, jQuery, etc. Training for roller derby starts with skating, followed by ways to prevent injuries, learning the rules, and skating skills that incorporate strategy. You learn, build, and combine what you have learned.

3. Essential gear

As most of you know web development is done on computers, with a keyboard, a mouse, probably some headphones, coffee and once again as Marisa said in her post…Bacon. Roller derby requires protective pads, a helmet, spandex or fishnets, skates, and typically lots and lots of water. Having the proper gear is essential to performance.

4. If you can’t play nice, play roller derby.

It’s not entirely true. Among the chaos, hard hits, and excitement there is a team structure just like in the process of website development. In order to build a website or have a bout there are many people involved. The team of web development consists of sales department, marketers, copywriters, designers and developers. Roller derby leagues involve the committee, referees, NSO’s (non-skating officials), coaches, and skaters. Each member has a role and one cannot function without the others.

5. I just want to skate, but it takes more than that.

The strategy is the process you use to obtain the outcome. Some levels of strategy include clever plans of outsmarting the competitor, learning from what has been done before, being aware of current trends and trying new ideas and improving them after analyzing results.

6. Touch my swag, wish you could, I look fly I look good.

Style is a key element in both web development and roller derby. Skaters want fans, websites want to be visited and shared. Face paint, fishnets, and unique styles increase the hype as do sharp web graphics, and intuitive layouts. Pull out the eyeliner and button hovers lets show ‘em what we’re made of.

7. Let’s get them pumped up!

User interface. Viewer experience. You may not know the terms but you have been to an unorganized, hard to follow, awful looking website. It’s not interesting or entertaining and probably boring. You also wouldn’t want to watch some mundane girls skate in circles; it’d put you to sleep faster than the golf channel. Amp up the effort, show your energy and enthusiasm for what you do and people will love it!

8. Have Fun! Get Results! Win!

The creative process of web development definitely has a fun culture and getting results makes it worth-while. The tough, rough and competitive nature of roller derby keeps players and fans on their toes. One goal is to be the team with the most points, the other goal is to boost sales and conversions, or grow online presence.

I am definitely one of those overly enthusiastic newbies aka “Fresh Meat” currently training for the ICT roller girls team. The feeling I get after completing a website is very much like the feeling I have after an amazing practice, each one is better than the last. I am working hard to join the team in the upcoming season starting in March. Stay tuned as “Heat Her Up” aka PCG’s “Lady Web Hawk” is looking forward to her bout debut! If you are looking to make a killer web presence or if you need help on a web development project my PCG web team is ready to take it on!
Contact us at (316) 942-1111!

Author Byline: Ford Saeks, Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant. Helping you find, attract, and keep your customers. https://ProfitRichResults.com

November 17, 2014 Posted By : Ford Saeks


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