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Sell More With Multiple Websites and Multiple Domains

"Why do companies often have more than one website for the same products and services? Isn't that just overkill?" Ford responds: Good question! You should have a flagship website with all of your content, especially now that the major search engines have changed the...

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12 Copywriting Tips Checklist

I'm constantly asked for a quick check list for copywriting...so I've gathered up a few tips to help you improve your marketing messages. 1) Use general & specific knowledge to craft the concept and message. 2) All the graphic elements are to get the prospect to...

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Google Adwords® and Ad Placement

Question: I want to use Google® Adwords to drive traffic to my site and there are already tons of Adword ads on my keywords. Is it a waste of time, money and effort adding my ad to the mix if it doesn't display on the first page? Answer: You'll get the highest click...

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