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Social Media Success Tips for Your Business

Social Media Marketing is the most misunderstood form of new media, costing companies thousands, if not millions, in wasted time and money. The other day, I posted a blog with Social Media Networking Statistics and received several phone calls from people wanting help...

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Fast Company Magazine’s Most Influential Person

Fast Company is searching for people who are influential online. Discover how influential YOU are. Find out how influential other people are by visiting The Influence Project. What's really cool about it is that EVERYONE who participates will get their photo in the...

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THINK or Go Wear a Paper Hat: Learned helplessness

Why do you suppose so many employees today have entitlement mentality and learned-helplessness? I'm talking about the attitude that they think they are  irreplaceable,  indispensable and that they deserve to keep their job even with poor or lackluster performance. I'm...

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